Hydrodip: The Ultimate in Graphic Transfer

We're commited to bringing you high quality Hydrographics in March 2016. We're prepping the shop and can't wait to office this innovative technique for graphics transfer. Learn more below about why we're so pumped for HydroGraphics.

What are Hydrographics?

Hydrographics (or water transfer printing) is the process of applying a patterned film to the surface of the water, applying activator and submerging the part throug the film which transfers the image to the item.

It's a unique process that allows a more cost-effective transfer of an intricately detailed image to parts that would be otherwise too complex (or costly) for other methods.

How much $$?

Cost depends on the items to be dipped, base color, top coat and pattern.

As such, please do contact us directly to for pricing.

Why use BXCC?

We are TWN certified for Hydrographics coating, have a full mixing bank of automotive finishes, Cerakote, a full-size automotive paint booth and a history of award-winning results custom paiting and graphics.

When you choose BXC Coatings you're choosing the whole package.

Why  Hydrographics?

Many parts and graphics are simply too complex to transfer, or the cost of the transfer method outweighs the benefit. Hydrographics offers a way to transfer graphics cost effectively that would otherwise require mass production or application by an artist. It's a great way to make your item unique without breaking the bank.