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Here at Brand X Custom Coatings we pride ourselves on high end finish work and thinking outside the box when it comes to the potential uses of Cerakote. This outside-the-box mentality has been a staple of our custom car history and our 30+ years of paint and custom fabrication experience, which has allowed us to branch over into the firearm industry and custom coatings on various other projects. Cerakote is unique in its ability to withstand almost any chemical compound, extremely high abrasion resistance and flexibility as well as when the product is applied it lays thinner and lighter than any of its competitors such as powder coat and the like. Cerakote is also highly heat resistant so it will not discolor on parts that see extreme heat - like exhaust systems. At BXC Coatings we are certified with NIC industries as an official applicator and we continue to push the boundaries of what can be done with this product. Cerakote can be applied to most surfaces such as Aluminum, Steel, Carbon Fiber, Plastics, even wood!


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